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LA Metro Responds to Rise in Crime 


A pilot program in North Hollywood is testing new ideas for LA Metro to invest in, while the Metro Board votes to boost security on their transit lines. 

The system will begin testing a “Tap to Exit” program requiring riders to verify their paid fare as they leave the system.  

A recent report showed that most incidents on Metro are caused by those who do not have a valid fare.  

More will need to be done, but the status quo is unacceptable.  

What You Need to Know

Metro's new 'TAP TO EXIT' pilot program is being tested for 90 days in North Hollywood. If it improves security, Metro will consider using it at other stations. 

The Metro Board has also passed a few motions in their May meeting to help increase security:  

  • Metro will add more security staff and ensure continuous patrols on buses and trains. 
  • A unified command will coordinate safety resources, and cellular service will support emergency reporting via the Transit Watch app. 
  • Metro will increase security staff, add barriers, deploy ambassadors, and enhance homeless and mental health outreach. 
  • An additional $18.3 million will fund law enforcement contracts, with discussions about staffing and safety plans with local police. 
  • A June review will assess costs and staffing for police, security, and ambassadors, and evaluate police handling of lawbreakers. 

With the world visiting LA for multiple significant events, Metro needs to improve security immediately.  

How It Impacts You

A safety Metro system is necessary and expected. The fact that the system currently suffers security and cleanliness issues negatively impacts our buildings.  

Many of our members are near transit stops, with some having direct station access.  

If the region hopes people will return to commercial districts, especially Downtown LA, the situation needs to improve immediately.  

We will continue to advocate for safety improvements to the system. And we are hopeful that the motions recently passed will be just the first steps toward a safer and cleaner system.  

The system's current state makes a return to office that much more difficult to achieve.  

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