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Prop. 1 Holds Narrow Margin Between Passage and Defeat

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Recent ballot updates show the governor's ballot initiative is too close to call.

Proposition 1 has only a margin of a few thousand votes between passage and defeat.

What is Proposition 1?

Proposition 1 is Governor Newsom's measure to address mental health challenges and homelessness in the state.

If passed, the proposition would authorize $6.38 billion in bonds to build mental health treatment centers.

The treatment centers would be available to those suffering from mental health and substance abuse challenges.

It also amends the Mental Health Services Act. A tax that currently goes to counties to provide local mental health services.

Proposition 1 would transfer more of those funds to the state. It would also require counties to spend more of that money on housing and employment assistance.

To read more about Proposition 1, click here

You can also read the official arguments in favor and against the measure here.

Endorsements and Concerns

Governor Newsom is spearheading Proposition 1 and has the support of many in his party. 

Some elements of the business community are also supporting the measure, including the California Chamber of Commerce. (BOMA/GLA did not take a position on the measure). 

On the other side, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association and some social services groups are concerned that this proposition is not the best path forward.

There are concerns that redirecting money and creating new bond obligations is not the most responsible path forward. So much money has already been spent, but the issue seems to be getting worse.

And many question the wisdom of adding to the state's debt at a time when it faces severe deficits.

Some social groups are concerned that redirecting funds is more of a shell game than a sustainable solution.

Counties are also concerned about the loss of local control over Mental Health Services Act funding.

These concerns, and a possible voter fatigue over increased spending, may allow the opposition to win with minimal campaign funding.

The count remains close and may come down to the last vote.

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