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Your Guide to the March 5th Primary Election

With the March Primary less than a month away, it is important to know what will be on the ballot in your district. 

Read below to read about the initiatives, propositions, and district races that will be appearing on your ballot. 

Ballot Initiatives

Measure HLA 

Measure HLA would require the City of Los Angeles to carry out the improvements that were promised in Mobility Plan 2035. 

In 2015, the Los Angeles City Council passed Mobility Plan 2035, which promised to upgrade over 2,500 miles of LA streets. 

The measure aimed to improve the following: 

  • Bike Enhanced Network 
  • Bike Lane Network 
  • Neighborhood Enhanced Network 
  • Pedestrian Enhanced District 
  • Transit Enhanced Network 
  • Vehicle Enhanced Network 

The group behind Measure HLA, Healthy Streets LA, has stated that the city has only implemented 5% of the programs and at the current pace, it would take Los Angeles 160 years to implement the proposed improvements. 

Measure HLA would mandate that the city provide an open data portal where Los Angeles residents can access the progress and implementation of changes to city streets. Secondly, it would allow residents to sue the city for not following HLA rules and be awarded the litigation money. 

While proponents argue that Measure HLA would make Angelenos safer, opponents argue that it will only increase traffic and force residents on “buses and bikes.”

BizFed and the Los Angeles Times have endorsed the ballot initiative. 


Proposition 1

Proposition 1, advocated for by Governor Newsom, would provide the largest investment in mental health treatment in twenty years. 

The initiative will prioritize mental health treatment for California’s veterans, homeless, those suffering from mental health issues, and those with substance abuse issues. 

In total, Proposition 1 hopes to:

  • Expand Community-Based Services: expand mental health and substance abuse services across California 
  • Build Supportive Housing: Build housing where those with mental health needs can live and recover 
  • Provide Treatment over Incarceration: Provide mental health and addiction treatment over jail, which costs the state millions per year
  • Help Homeless Veterans: Provide $1 billion for veterans care, ranging from homelessness, substance abuse, and mental health needs
  • Address Shortage of Workers: Fund additional mental health workers to increase care accessibility 
  • Accountability: Proposition 1 requires audits to ensure funds are being spent correctly

Business Groups such as the Los Angeles County Business Federation and the California Chamber of Commerce have endorsed Prop 1, while the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, a group that advocates for homeowners, has opposed the initiative. 

US Senate Election

The California Senate Race includes five candidates (three Democrats and two Republicans) seeking to take over the late Dianne Feinstein’s former seat. 

Rep. Adam Schiff 

Adam Schiff is currently a member of Congress, representing California’s 30th district. He made a name in the House of Representatives by leading the First House Impeachment Inquiry and Trial of former President Trump. 

As a senator, his main priorities include: 

  • Making Childcare Affordable 
  • Increasing Competition and Reducing Costs 
  • Creating a Robust Care Economy 
  • Making our Tax System Fairer 
  • Expanding the Social Safety Net for Vulnerable Families 
  • Lowering the Cost of Education 
  • Reforming the Supreme Court 
  • Abolishing the Filibuster 
Rep. Katie Porter 

Katie Porter is currently a member of Congress, representing California’s 47th district. She was first elected in 2018 and has been the top-performing Democrat in a traditional Republican Orange County. 

As a Senator, her main priorities include: 

  • Housing & Homelessness 
  • Unrig the Economy 
  • Healthcare 
  • Public Safety & Gun Violence 
  • Empower Workers 
  • Climate Crisis 
  • Clean Up Corruption 
  • Racial Justice & Freedom for All 
Rep. Barbara Lee 

Barbera Lee is currently a member of Congress, representing California’s 12th district. She currently serves as Co-Chair of the Policy and Steering Committee, while also serving on the Budget Committee and the Appropriations Committee. 

As a Senator, her main priorities include: 

  • Health Care for All 
  • Climate Action
  • Global Peace & Security 
  • Reproductive Freedom 
  • Economic Justice 
  • Education 
  • Affordable Housing & Homelessness
Eric Early 

Eric Early is a co-owner and Managing Partner of a law firm. Early was the only candidate to not appear on the debate stage. His endorsements include many of the local GOP chambers in California. 

As a senator, Early’s priorities would include: 

  • Cut regulations that affect job creation and entrepreneurship  
  • Stand up to ‘far left’ ideals 
  • Protect and Preserve Our Democracy 
Steve Garvey 

Steve Garvey is a former baseball player for the Los Angeles Dodgers. In his post-baseball career, he has been a champion for those disabled or suffering from disease. He has assisted in causes such as diabetes, Special Olympics, Multiple Sclerosis, and ALS. 

Steve’s priorities as a senator would include: 

  • Solving the Homelessness Crisis 
  • Improving the Californian’s Quality of Life 
  • Addressing Crime and Public Safety 
  • Supporting Israel and Ukraine 
  • Reforming Immigration 
  • Prioritizing Water Management 
  • Empowering California’s Agricultural Heartland 
  • Championing Environmental Stewardship 
  • Elevating our Education System

Key US House Races 

Although every US house race is up for re-election every two years, there are several key open races in the Greater Los Angeles area. 

District 30

District 30 covers parts of North Los Angeles County (including Burbank) and the Angeles National Forest. The area has been represented by Rep. Adam Schiff for two decades. However, since he is running for Senate, it will be an open race. 

As a Democratic stronghold, the next Congressman from this district could potentially have that seat for years to come. The leading candidates right now are Democrats Mike Feuer, Laura Friedman, and Anthony Portantino. 

Mike Feuer

Mike Feuer has been in politics since the 1990s serving as LA City Councilman, California Assemblymember, and most recently, Los Angeles City Attorney. He has received endorsements from LA Mayor Karen Bass, several members of Congress, and many local leaders as well. 

Laura Friedman

Laura Friedman was elected to the State Assembly in 2016 and has served there since, representing the 44th district. Her legislative priorities in the State Capitol have been housing & homelessness, climate change, and protecting communities. She has been endorsed by Lt. Governor Elani Kounalakis, Congresswoman Judy Chu, and numerous state representatives. 

Anthony Portantino 

Anthony Portantino is a State Senator representing the 25th District. In his time in the State Capitol, he has prioritized keeping the entertainment industry in California, education, mental health, and gun reform. He has received endorsements from Attorney General Rob Bonta, State Senate Majority Leader Mike McGuire, LA County Federation of Labor, and more. 

District 31

District 31 covers the San Gabriel Valley. Rep. Grace Napolitano has represented the area since 1999 but will not seek re-election in 2024, making it the first open election in a quarter-century. 

Greg Hafif 

Although Greg Hafif has never served public office, he has been a trial attorney in the San Gabriel Valley for three decades. His main priorities as a Congressman would be education, healthcare, immigration, climate change, inflation, and the economy. 

Gil Cisneros

Gil Cisneros is a former US Congressman, serving one term from 2019-2021. Following his defeat to Rep. Young Kim, he was appointed by President Biden for a position in the Defense Department. His top priorities as a Congressman would be gun reform, reproductive rights, anti-corruption, the economy, and healthcare. His endorsements include Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis, Attorney General Rob Bonta, and more. 

Mary Ann Lutz

Mary Ann Lutz is a former City Councilmember and Mayor of Monrovia, a city in the San Gabriel Valley. Her main priorities in Congress would be public safety, the environment, women’s rights, education, and immigration. Lutz has received endorsements from Assemblymember Laura Friedman, the United Democrats of the San Gabriel Valley, and more. 

Bob Archuleta

Bob Archuleta is a State Senator representing District 32, which includes parts of Los Angeles County and Orange County. He is currently the Chair of the Senate Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs. Archuleta has received an endorsement from Rep. Napolitano, who currently represents District 31. 

Primary Information 

The 2024 Election primary day will be held on March 5th. With ballot information being sent to voter's mailboxes right now, you will be able to find everything you need to be able to cast your ballot in the packet. 

If you are not registered to vote, you can do so by clicking here. However, you must register at least fifteen days before March 5th for your vote to count in the primary elections. 

We’ll keep you updated on the latest election news in California and Los Angeles. 

Until then, keep up with BOMA on the Frontline for the latest news in the Greater Los Angeles area. 

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