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LA City Council Prohibits Evictions on Tenants Awaiting Rental Assistance

rent freeze

The Los Angeles City Council has voted to prohibit evictions for tenants awaiting rental assistance. 

Rental assistance pays up to six months of unpaid rent for those who qualify. 


This Thursday, unpaid rent from October 2021 to September 2023 will be due, officially ending the city’s COVID-19 protections. 

While there are over 3,000 applicants who have been approved, over 25,000 applicants are still waiting to find out if they are eligible. Thus far, only 25% of the over $30 million allocated funds have been utilized. 

The City Council originally proposed to prohibit evictions on everyone who applied to the program. However, after property owners voiced concerns, it was then changed to only those who had been approved for the program. 

Those who qualify and are awaiting rental assistance will be protected for 120 days after the February 1st deadline. 

Eviction Outreach

With evictions in Los Angeles reaching higher than pre-pandemic levels, the city is desperately trying to prevent another surge with COVID-19 protections ending on Feb. 1st. 

In the past, the City of Los Angeles was left in the dark about who landlords were going to evict. However, the City Council passed a rule last January that requires landlords to alert the city when they begin the eviction process. 

As a result, city officials have begun conducting outreach to renters who are in danger of being evicted, primarily for unpaid rent. 

How Does This Impact You? 

February 1st is officially the end of the COVID-19 era protections. Although the new ruling will impact residential property owners being able to evict tenants in the short-term, it does signal that the City of Los Angeles is back to where it was pre-pandemic. 

Despite this, the new legislation passed by the Los Angeles City Council does show that the city will continue to protect landlords as much as possible. However, pushback from property owners does appear to make a difference as the council lessened the legislation at their request. 

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