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State of Business with Mayor Richardson of Long Beach


BOMA/GLA recently joined Mayor Richardson at the State of Business Luncheon on December 1st, 2023. The mayor showcased city developments linked to the visionary Grow Long Beach initiative. This initiative aims for Long Beach's economic boom, fostering diversity, improving infrastructure, maximizing technology, and bolstering environmental sustainability.

Driving Economic Growth Together

Collective action on policy concerns holds immense importance. Mayor Richardson emphasized the interconnection between environmental progress and economic prosperity. Notable attendees included influential city leaders.

Energizing Long Beach's Ascent Through Business Expansion

Efforts are underway to attract businesses pivotal for economic development. Mayor Richardson stressed businesses' role in contributing to the economy while creating job opportunities in sectors such as tourism, music, healthcare, education, and aerospace.

Shaping the Future with Transformative Plans

Aligned with expansion, Long Beach launched Long Beach Builds, a digital infrastructure platform. This platform provides comprehensive online and in-person support for obtaining licenses, permits, and fostering business revenue, and union job creation.

Navigating Challenges with Unity

Mayor Richardson addressed challenges linked to completing developments by the 2028 Olympics. He emphasized collaborations with AIBOT, an aviation company. Together, they aim to develop an Air Taxi capable of reaching Downtown Los Angeles from Long Beach in under eight minutes.

This partnership holds immense significance. It has the potential to revolutionize intra-city transportation, making commuting significantly faster and more efficient.

Key Partnership: BOMA/GLA's Support

BOMA/GLA actively supports Long Beach's progressive policy measures addressing workforce expansion and building electrification. As Long Beach continues to thrive, BOMA/GLA eagerly anticipates future policy collaborations.

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