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Metro Regional Connector to Open June 16th

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A new Metro line to further connect Los Angeles will be opening to the public in June. 

Known as the Regional Connector, the new rail lines will eliminate the need for many transfers and allow riders to go from one side of LA County to the other in under two hours. 

History of the Project

The new metro lines encountered many problems during development and construction that delayed their opening. Due to this, the Regional Connector will be opening nearly three years after Metro’s original target date. 

Construction on the project began in 2014 and has gone hundreds of millions over budget in that timeframe. 

Much of the delays and budgeting issues had to do with parts of the rail line being placed underground. At different places of construction, developers dealt with different issues. 

When building underneath the Walt Disney Concert Hall, engineers had to find a way to mitigate the noise from a potential train to not interfere with concerts. At the Broadway stop, engineers needed to have the station be able to sustain the weight of a high-rise building. 

Despite these difficulties, the Regional Connector is a big deal for Los Angeles and has the potential to change transportation in the county. 


The Regional Connector will merge the Gold, Blue, and Expo lines which will eliminate the need for transfers, saving riders up to 20 minutes on their commute. 

In addition, it will combine the A and L lines (which will be the A line) and begin an E line. The A line will go nearly 50 miles from Azusa to Long Beach, while the E line will stretch 22.5 miles bringing riders from East Los Angeles to Santa Monica. 

Aside from the new Metro lines, they will also open new underground stations in: 

  • Little Tokyo/Arts District Station
  • Historic Broadway Station 
  • Grand Avenue Arts/Bunker Hill Station 

The new lines and stations are vital for the city and county’s plans for the 2028 olympics, where they plan to vastly improve transportation options. 

The Regional Connector will officially open on June 16th and riders will be able to enjoy a weekend of free rides. 

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