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Westside Election Update

Director of Government and Public Affairs Aaron Taxy Photographed with Senator Bob Hertzberg

BOMA/GLA found some success in the direction of Westside region's city council races. However, ballot measures that will raise real estate transfer tax rates appear likely to pass. 

Tax Measures Find Success

Measure ULA and Measure SP presented some of the highest potential costs to our members they have seen in years. 

Measure SP, a parcel tax on all property types, is headed for defeat. 

Unfortunately, Measure ULA, the real estate transfer tax, appears headed for victory. It has maintained a steady lead since the first ballot update on election night. 

With this measure's passing, the city's costs for real estate transactions will rise significantly. 

Santa Monica's similar transfer tax ballot, Measure GS, is also on the path to victory. 

The chance to undo these measures will be with 2024's statewide ballot initiative, the Taxpayer Protection Act

If passed, this act will require more significant majorities to pass tax measures. And because of its "look-back" provision, local tax measures that fail to meet the TPA's threshold will be rescinded. 

Otherwise, we may see more cities use real estate transfer taxes as workarounds against Prop 13 protections. 

LA City Council Races

In one of the bright spots for BOMA/GLA's LA City Council PAC efforts, Traci Park heads for victory in LA City Council District 11.

The District, currently held by Councilman Mike Bonin, covers Venice and most of the west side of LA. 

Traci Park promises to bring a new direction to the District. She will be an essential voice on the city council for us, especially as we confront the rising costs of operating in the city and the ongoing homelessness crisis. 

Santa Monica and Culver City

BOMA/GLA did not directly engage in city council races in Culver City and Santa Monica. However, we did work with partner organizations to influence candidate selection. 

In Culver City, incumbent councilman Alex Fisch remains outside the top two spots. Dan O'Brien, a business-friendly candidate, remains in the top spot as the ballot count continues. 

If trends remain steady, Culver City's progressive majority could be flipped to a more industry-friendly majority. 

Santa Monica will likely retain its progressive character after the ballots are counted. 

LA Citywide and County Candidate Races

Karen Bass has defeated Rick Caruso in the race for mayor. 

Election night results were favorable for Rick Caruso. However, recent updates gave Karen Bass the edge she needed to win. 

In the race for LA County Supervisor, West Hollywood City Councilwoman Lindsey Horvath has taken the lead against Senator Bob Hertzberg. 

We are excited that BOMA/GLA endorsed candidate for LA City Attorney, Hydee Feldstein Soto, won her race against Faisal Gill. She is one of the bright spots this election cycle for the City of LA. 

Unfortunately, in the race for LA City Controller, our supported candidate Paul Koretz lost to newcomer Kenneth Mejia. This result could have significant consequences on how the city operates. 

For other race results, please visit the LA County Registrar's website

We thank all the members who could join the BOMA/GLA PAC candidate interviews. Your participation and perspective were invaluable!

For continued election coverage, please follow BOMA on the Frontline

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