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Los Angeles to Expand Citywide Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

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In keeping up with both sustainability measures and emerging demands for electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, Los Angeles is instructing the Department of Water and Power to create a strategic long-term citywide Electric Vehicle Master Plan. This new strategy will seek to further the equitable expansion and accessibility of charging stations throughout the city.

To be sure, this new motion marks a significant turning point in terms of the EV technology revolution in our local context. In maximizing both federal and state funding, this strategic plan will be instrumental in identifying necessary infrastructure needs in the city.

In doing so, these infrastructure developments will help take the stress off of property owners, as demand for EV infrastructure in commercial areas has been noticeably increasing in recent memory.

Further, the motion will also help Los Angeles meet its own sustainability measured outlined in the city's Green New Deal, including reducing the carbon intensity of transportation infrastructure.

BOMA/GLA is currently working with the Councilmember's office in providing support and guidance for the strategic plan.

Your guide to EV charging stations

Based on current market trends, electric vehicles are expected to make a substantial impact on transportation and the economy. Thus, we urge owners and managers to remain informed on the benefits and pitfalls of installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

To view the brief, click here. 

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